Daniel Colón-Ramos: Making Science Relevant

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About this talk
Growing up in Puerto Rico, most of the science Colón-Ramos learned in school did not feel relevant to his life; an experience shared by many other Puerto Rican scientists. So, Colón-Ramos, together with a group of collaborators, founded Ciencia Puerto Rico allowing geographically dispersed Puerto Rican scientists to communicate, mentor, educate and promote scientific research in Puerto Rico. It is a model that could work well to connect scientists all over the world.

About the speaker
Daniel Colón-Ramos is an Associate Professor of Cell Biology at the Yale School of Medicine. His lab uses C. elegans to study how the brain forms precise neural connections during development. Colón-Ramos was born and raised in Puerto Rico and is a co-founder of Ciencia Puerto Rico (http://www.cienciapr.org/en), a non-profit organization that connects Puerto Rican scientists who are spread around the globe, to promote scientific research and education in Puerto Rico.